Disciple Making Reimagined: Strategies for Deeper Faith

Live Event • Wednesday, May 1st • 9am (PT) / 12noon (ET)


Zach Zehnder - Founder, Red Letter Living

Rich Birch - Founder, unSeminary

Join us for an insightful webinar on redefining disciple making, learning impactful strategies, and fostering deeper faith within your church!

Discover how to confront and remedy the central issues plaguing Western discipleship in our upcoming webinar. Learn from Zach Zehnder's expert insights on revitalizing disciple-making strategies and delve into the critical aspects that are often missing in church approaches today. Uncover practical steps for aligning discipleship targets with true spiritual growth and explore the contrast between conventional church growth metrics and meaningful discipleship outcomes. Don’t miss this chance to transform your church’s approach to cultivating a deeper, more authentic faith!

  • What is the biggest problem with Western American Christianity today? Learn from our discussion of the gaps in current disciple-making strategies.
  • How can your church better identify discipleship targets? Delve into practical steps to align your goals with genuine spiritual growth.
  • What distinguishes church growth metrics from discipleship targets? Explore the differences and understand how to focus on what truly matters for deepening faith.