Looking for more help to build momentum into spring?

We've pulled together two resources to help your church gain momentum this spring. The first is a description of what makes a great connection event, as mentioned above. The second is a lesson from a calling campaign that reached over 2,005 people. Both resources could be used with your leadership team to help make a difference in your community.

  • Increase Your Church’s Volunteer Community with This Proven Multisite Expansion Tactic PDF // In this resource we dive into the mindset behind great connection events and give you lots of practical help to ensure your team does them right!
  • 8 Lessons Learned from Making 2,005 Phone Calls PDF // In this resource we pull apart key lessons from a church-wide calling campaign where we contacted over 2,000 people in less than two weeks. You’ll find lots of actionable ideas for your church this spring!

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