A Helpful Resource for Executive Church Leaders

  • Trends from churches under 100 to 10,000+ in size. Leaders from churches across the country were surveyed to gain valuable insights for church teams regardless of size.
  • Insightful comparisons to marketplace leadership counterparts. The core survey was compared and contrasted to the leading marketplace remote working study in 2021 to help you have the pulse on where the broader community is at on these issues.
  • Practical help for executive church leadership. More than just a summary of survey results this study gives you actionable advice to apply to your team to help navigate what comes next for your leadership community.
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Expert Commentary Included

We approached a small group of ministry leaders to gain their insights and feedback on this study. This group of leaders graciously agreed to reflect on the study and provide some additional commentary.

Kenny Jahng, CEO at Big Click Syndicate & ChurchComms

Kadi Cole, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant

Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor, Willow Creek Church

Christine Kreisher, CEO, Irresistible Teams plus Author, Speaker & Coach

David Fletcher, The Dean of XPs, XPastor.com


What does the future of work look like for the team at your church?

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