Are you an Executive Pastor? Download these resources to help kick start your leadership!

Maybe you are an executive pastor, or you want to understand them better. We have some free resources for you. Click the link below to download this executive pastor help pack. It includes two PDFs and three interviews designed to help executive pastors think through their role and grow in their development. Here at unSeminary, we love executive pastors and are consistently trying to find a way to help them grow in new ways. Here's what's included in this pack:

  • 5 Friends Every Executive Pastor Should Have on Speed Dial // This PDF identifies five different people that would be good for you to have friendships with to help push the mission of your church forward.
  • 6 Systems Every Executive Pastor Needs to Evaluate This Year // This PDF gives you six areas to wrestle through how your church is doing and to evaluate how effective they are in pushing the ministry forward.
  • 3 Executive Pastor Interview MP3s // Also included in this pack are interviews with three best-in-class executive pastors: Kevin Davis from 2|42 Church in Michigan, Phil Taylor from Mosaic Church in Florida, and Abram Gomez from Cross Church in Texas.

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